Licensing and Intellectual Property

PIP Publications (Trading as Taste ‘n’ Tell) takes an active interest in the Company owned IPR and vigorously protects our Intellectual Property Rights.

We have a comprehensive portfolio of Patent, Trade Mark and Design Registrations together with a suite of unregistered rights inherent in our artwork, characters, book contents, business process and products.


With regard to Patents, we have pending Patents in the United Kingdom with

Application No 1518614.1  , Short Title: Taste ‘N Tell IP Title: An Interactive Book

The application was filed on 21 October 2015.


We also have pending International Rights via a PCT application No. PCT/GB2016/050917 Ronald Park and Catrina Park IP Title: An Interactive Book Short Title: Taste ‘N Tell



Regarding Trade Marks, we have registered:

TASTE ‘N’ TELL and TASTE AND TELL as a series of two marks in classes 9 and 16


We also assert copyright in all aspects of this website and any of our other marketing and business materials.

If you have any concerns regarding our intellectual Property, in particular if you think you may be infringing our rights, you may wish to take out a licence in a specific territory. Please contact us via the contacts page and we will be pleased to assist you.

PIP Publications Ltd is pro-actively seeking to licence the patented Taste ‘n’ Tell REAL System to other businesses, in defined territories, who may wish to exploit the use of this unique system to display their own published content to expand or diversify into a health and food related sector. Please contact us via the contacts page and we will be pleased to assist you.