Taste ’n’ Tell inventors, Ronnie and Catrina Park created The REAL System™

The scientifically proven REAL (Reading • Eating • Learning ) System™ has three key components designed to help you and your child tackle early reading, eating and learning.

The REAL Platform

The Platform consists of three components:

1. The wipe clean base
2. The removable pod/container
3. The book

The REAL Components

The components are the series of 10 books designed to slide onto the platform individually and we launch the Taste ’n’ Tell brand with ‘Book 1: Discovering Fruit with Holly honeybee’.

The customer need only buy the REAL Platform once as the collectable books are removable. On top of that the system is hygienic and dishwasher safe!

Full instructions on how to use the book (including a reward poster and stickers) come with the purchase of the first Holly honeybee book, but if you’re keen to read more about how the system works please download our Information sheet.

Download Brochure

Additionally, we have a series of videos on the website, which show how to use the system.