Starter Pack- Including Discovering Fruit with Holly honeybee

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Taste ‘n’ Tell Starter Pack

  • 1 x Book refill platform with replaceable food pod
  • 1 x Refill book – Discovering fruit with Holly honeybee
  • 1 x Instruction booklet
  • 1 x Reward chart
  • 1 x Sheet of reward stickers



This amazing great value starter pack introduces the REAL (Reading Eating and Learning) System. The Starter Pack includes Book 1 ‘Discovering Fruit with Holly honeybee’, the first in a series of 10 refill books in the Discovering Food Series. Also included in the starter pack is the book refill platform incorporating the food sample pod, a reward chart and branded stickers. You can go on to collect the full series of 10 books as they are released. The book series covers the main healthy food groups, fruit & vegetables, grains, protein and dairy with up to 80 foods to learn about and sample.

Each book is carefully designed to suit pre-school children. The beautiful illustrations are in a vivid realism style, with a white background for maximum clarity. Our Sassoon Infant typeface has been carefully chosen for early readers. The page layout is presented in an uncluttered format for ease of reading. The large font appeals to all young children, including partially-sighted children and those with special needs.

The Taste ‘n’ Tell REAL System uses a methodology based on a ‘Peer modelling and rewards-based intervention’ approach. Academic research has demonstrated the application of three factors; taste exposure, role-models and rewards, leads to an effective and sustainable way to increase children’s consumption of new healthy foods.

The books are designed in a lie-flat board book format. They each have eight thick, glossy card leaves. The left-hand page of each double spread contains large vivid photographs of individual foods, depicting images of the food in its whole form, sliced on a plate and showing the origin. The right-hand page displays the rhyming couplets, along with beautifully-illustrated characters discovering their favourite food.

12 reviews for Starter Pack- Including Discovering Fruit with Holly honeybee

  1. Martin Boddie (verified owner)

    Very popular with our fifteen month old. Highly recommended!

  2. Laura

    I am very excited about the product and feel its a great resource to use. I think my enthusiasm about the product will come across to other childcare providers, who will love it, just as much as I do.

  3. Mia

    I wasn’t sure how my 18m daughter would take to this as she’s not one for concentrating on books. The fact it’s got stickers and a chart kept her interest and she loved the surprise fruit I placed in the container. I tried her with banana which she wouldn’t go near before and she amazed me by taking a bite. The fact she even tried it is amazing albeit cause she liked the pictures and rhymes and knew she would get a sticker for her chart. My rating is 5 stars. Looking forward to the rest of the series now.

  4. Gabriella Wilkinson

    I got this book initially for my fussy 4 year old called Alex as he wouldn’t eat any fruit or vegetables. i found it came in very handy when i went shopping as i bought a a different one each week and with the help of the book he has eaten every single fruit in it. he enjoyed the sticker chart that is included in the box as it is bright and colourful and he gets a reward for eating fruit. I cannot wait for future books to be released as i have an 8 week old baby called bobbie whom i will be introducing it to when we start weaning her. The rhymes are very simple but effective and my son understood them. he also loved the illustrations throughout. the pot is easily cleaned and handy to put in your bag on your travels. Thank you so much and keep up the fantastic work that you do.

  5. Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, Ch 4 , The Secret Life of 4,5,6 yr olds (verified owner)

    I’ve lost count of the number of families that I have worked with who have struggled with young children who are fussy eaters and this may have been the solution they were looking for. What a brilliant way to introduce new foods to your little ones and build the foundations for happy and confident eaters.
    Dr Elizabeth Kilbey Channel 4, ‘The secret Life of 4, 5 & 6 yr olds’

  6. Rebecca

    I bought the first book out in the series (fruit) & was a little sceptical at first as it was such a new concept. There are brilliant instructions in the booklet describing the examples of how to use it. Although there are things in the booklet that I felt were obvious,such as make sure the food is served appropriately for the age and stage of the child, I took the time to read it and it certainly helped. Initially I placed something in the container I knew my daughter would eat to get her used to the experience. She loved getting a sticker for her chart so it was time to try bananas which she always refused to even put in her mouth. Bingo! It worked first time. Admittedly she spat it out, haha, but I still gave her a sticker for trying it. I’m now confident my ‘fussy eater’ will benefit from the rest of the books,especially the vegetables one,now on her santa list. 🙂

  7. Lubna Saeed RNutr (Public Health Nutrition)

    I discovered Taste n Tell whilst pregnant at the Baby and Toddler Show at Event City in Manchester in September 2017. Got chatting to Ronnie and Catrina, and they explained the concept behind their book. As a Registered Nutritionist and being fully aware of the difficulty of trying to encourage children to get their 5 A Day, and a variety of fruits and vegetables I instantly loved the product and the ideas behind it. A simple and effective product which makes getting to know your fruit, and experiencing new tastes, textures and types of fruit a much more interactive and hands on experience for young children alongside parents or other care givers. I couldn’t not get myself a copy, and this was by far one of my most favourite purchases/stands at the show. Even though Baby isn’t here yet I can’t wait to use this and would highly encourage parents as well as those in early years settings to give this a go to introduce fruits in a fun and familiar way to children! Looking forward to see future books make an appearance!

  8. Lindsay B.

    I was sent a complimentary vegetables book after buying a starter pack at a Baby & Toddler show. My son is five and insisted on bringing it to school to show his teacher. She spoke to me when I was collecting him at home time & asked where it was purchased cause she wanted to order it for her classroom. Great fun & a great resource to encourage eating vegetables and helps with early reading.

  9. Amanda Craig

    My 4yr old loves his veggie vole book. I had a starter pack with all the bits and pieces already so just got a refil book at the baby & toddler show. Some of the unusual things like aubergine, (well it is for me lol) and then cooking it for him cause even I never tried it before was fun.We didn’t like it but it’s great he knows what it is now. He’s reading the rhymes of by heart now and I’ve ran out of stickers but you can get them on the website. I would’ve given 5 stars but would’ve liked more pages but they said there’s going to be another 2 fruit & another 2 Veggie books out in the future so I’ll get the rest when there out.

  10. jan

    great books I bought them for our toddler group ,the children enjoyed the food tasting

  11. Mellissa (UK card & gift shops)

    I met Ronnie & katrina at the Harrogate homes and gift festival. They asked if I would be willing to add a review of their Taste ‘n’ Tell books which I’ve ordered for our gift shops. They needn’t have asked as it was in my mind to congratulate them on such a brilliant resource for young children to learn about different tastes and origins of food with the rhymes and characters. What’s more they are such a dedicated and delightful couple, passionate about their work,it was an absolute pleasure to meet them. Keep up the great work, this will go far. 😀

  12. Marie McLeod

    We found these books at the Baby and Toddler show at the SEC. My 17 month old daughter has been tube feed since birth for a variety of reasons but we are in the process of weaning and it is important for us that foods are introduced in a positive way. I think this is a great idea for encouraging babies and young children to try new feeds in a fun, pressure free way. My daughter enjoys looking at the pictures and hearing the rhymes and investigating the fruit pot. She’ll happily put the fruit to her mouth and is working on chewing and swallowing.

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